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Questions about the mesmer
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Fri Mar 27 2015, 01:34AM
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Ok so i've been considering trying out the mesmer on release. So far i've played Guardian, Ranger, and Warrior and i have a problem with all 3.1. Guardian- to much support/defense based and crap range.2. Ranger- to reliant on his pet and boring3. Warrior- to easy to play, not to into the heavy armor, and to predictable.So the looking at a few mesmer videos it looks actually quite fun to play, and it has the weapons that i like (sword/sword, sword/pistol, greatsword) however i do NOT like the pretty pink wow gold its kinda lame honestly. So first off will they maybe add mesmer themes so we can change the color or something other than butterflies cuz thats really stupid that its girly like that.&nbsp;Also im worried cuz i've heard that if you make one mistake in Pvp you are dead, is this true? And what are the playstyles? Can i make a mesmer that has good toughness or survivability? A mesmer with high CC or DPS? In the videos it kinda seems that you rely on your clones (which is how it should be) but if you mess up you die very quickly. And i've also read that there are a lot of problems with the profession or it isnt ready? My main concern is how are they in Pvp? Are they a good class or UP? I fought a few mesmers and while they did annoy me with the clones once i got to them they went down easily.&nbsp;So if anyone can help me out here please do so cuz i plan on trying out the mesmer come release but i dont wana waste my time.A1:If you don't like the butterflies, tough, that's not changing.With any class, there are mistakes you can make that make you die fast.We can't tell you if you'll like it or not. You've nitpicked things (some not entirely accurate) about other classes that have made you "not like" them.[archeage gold]You need to spend time on it and see if you do. However, that said, for many people it seems that Mesmer takes longer to get a good feel for (assuming you'll eventually get a feel for it). I didn't have this problem, though. It has fit like a glove for me.&nbsp;A2:I've heard that, for some people, the hardest part of playing a mesmer seems to be overcoming anxious masculinity.Butterflies or GTkittenO.&nbsp;Mesmer is called by the devs themselves the profession with the highest skill cap. Gameplay largely factors around your preparation, mobility, and ability to improvise. Mesmers benefit the most from knowing other professions. Like Sebrent says, you'll have to try before you buy.Most regard the mesmer as fine for sPvP, but potentially struggling in WvW and certain PvE venues. Jon Peters said the mesmer was one of the roughest and most in need of love, though, so expect significant change before live.
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