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Do We Need To Be Taxed For Our Obesity Epidemic?
09 May   by Lisa

In the news yesterday, I heard that the government wants to impose taxes and regulations in response to American's obesity epidemic.  What do you think?  Should this be a government issue?  Or is this a personal choice with consequences? 
We need to hear your opinions and comments about this! 
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Melting Away the Belly Fat
07 May   by Lisa

From: (WTNH)
Summer is just around the corner, but if you're bothered by belly fat, the thought of putting on a bathing suit may not be very appealing.The good news is there are some things men and women can do to help fight that bulging mid-section.Dietitian Pat Baird has some tips for overcoming belly fat.
Understand the Basics: Some people are more likely to deposit fat in the belly due to genes, hormones, age or medical conditions like glucose intolerance or poly-cystic ovary syndrome. Belly fat is frustrating to many people, and it is also dangerous. Visceral fat is a risk factor for several chronic diseases. Reducing belly fat takes a specific, focused approach.
Choose the Right Fat: Saturated fat; animal products, cheese, butter, etc., contributes to belly fat. Monounsaturated fat; plant foods, appear not to contribute to belly fat. Replace butter with soft spreads on veggies and in cooking. Use more olive and canola oils. Eat more nuts, seeds, avocados. Include foods with omega 3 fatty acids like salmon and consider a supplement.
Reduce Alcohol Intake & Watch Sugary Mixers: Add club soda to wine for a refreshing spritzer. Reduce fruit juices and punches by doing the same. Drink more water to stay well hydrated.
Stop Smoking: Belly fat is yet one more reason to quit.
Compounds in cigarettes enhance the deposition of fat in the midsection.
See your physician; join a program. Use smoke cessation aids.
Know the Facts about Exercise: Spot exercises build supporting muscles (abdominals for instance) Spot exercises do not burn fat
Walking is beneficial because it uses most body muscles and burns calories.
Resistance/weight training is very helpful as it strengthens the core, builds muscle, and continues to burn calories longer.
By: Pat Baird, RD
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Does The Word Diet Make You Feel Uneasy?
07 Apr   by Lisa

When you hear the word "diet", how do you feel? Can you identify the emotion? What images dance around in your head? Take a moment to close your eyes and think about this. Identifying these will help you when reading this article.
For many of us, just hearing the word "diet" makes us feel a bit uncomfortable. You might have noticed some feelings of resentment or lack and the word "sacrifice" might have come to mind.  And at the same time, a feeling of excitement or inspiration may have welled up inside you. Usually people are excited about the idea of starting or being on a diet and dream about the results but they are not usually excited about implementing the diet because it means change. When it comes time to take action, the motivation, support and willpower just aren't there.  That little voice in our head tells  us all kinds of stories (that we actually listen to!).  Usually those stories don't serve our goals.  If you can imagine as in old cartoons, the little man on each of our shoulders each telling us the opposite things to do.  Which one do you listen to?
When you don't do what you say you will do, it makes you feel bad deep down.  This may be an unconscious thought or you may actually be able to identify the feeling. When you commit to something, deep down you are excited and when you don't achieve what it is you set out to achieve, you can eventually become depressed.   Following are some tips to help you stay on track so this doesn't happen and you are able to reach the goal you have set for yourself (as long as your goal is realistic).
In order to focus on achieving your goals, you need to stop giving in to your little voice that is trying to distract you.  Write down what you are going to be committed to whether it's a certain goal weight, avoiding specific foods or adding more nutritious foods to your diet, exercising more or what ever it may be.  Make sure your goal is realistic.  If your goal is overwhelming, chances are you at risk for being unsuccessful.  You would be better off thinking of a reachable goal within your primary goal.  It is not uncommon to have several goals within a larger goal. 
Write down specifics of the goal you have so you have a crystal clear picture.  Visualize not only what you want to look like when you reach your goal, but also what you will be actively doing.  What activities will you be able to be involved in then that you aren't now?  What will change in your life as a result of achieving your goal? How will your relationships change?  Really get into all this.  Write all the ideas that come to mind out on paper. 
Look at what you have written and develop smaller steps that will get you moving toward the outcome you desire.  These steps need to be attainable in the time frame you set for yourself (you should be setting specific dates).  If you bite off too big of a chunk, you may fail.  The more times you aren't able to meet the expectations you set out for yourself, the more chances you have of not succeeding in your outcome.  So it is very important that you carefully analyze each step and visualize how you are going to achieve this.  The clearer your outline or plan, the more successful you will be!  Best of luck to you!
If you would like information on diet concerns or goals, or if you just have a thought our opinion on what is written, I would love you to share your comments!
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Yoga Stimulates Weight Loss
09 Mar   by Lisa

Studies have shown that Yoga can stimulate weight loss.  According to Today's Dietitan, "Yoga can increase body awareness; counter negative, self-judging thoughts related to eating habits; and foster a sense of self-control" which has a positively influences weight loss. Read the full article here: 
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8 Crucial Questions for Determining the Right Weight Loss Plan for You
04 Mar   by Lisa

By now most of us are aware that obesity and overweight are a major problem in America.

Many of us personally have had or know someone who has had a focus on losing weight at some time.
There are so many diets being promoted!

How do you choose?

Where do you start?

According to Medicine Net “Maintenance of a healthy body weight is important for maintaining both physical and emotional well-being and preventing disease” (1). We have long known that obesity is associated with an increased risk for numerous medical conditions. We now are seeing the effects of the overweight and obesity epidemic as an increase in chronic diseases. Losing even some of the weight positively impacts chronic health conditions. Some show a reduction in symptoms and some of these conditions will even resolve. People who lose weight report “improved mood, increased in self-esteem and motivation, and feeling healthier in general” (1).

To be successful in weight loss and healthy weight management you need to have sensible goals and expectations. Most people are advised lose weight gradually. It’s also a good practice to ask your primary care doctor ask if they would help monitor your progress with your new weight program.

Here are the basic questions to ask yourself as you research any weight loss or diet program:

1. Does the diet plan promote a comprehensive wellness solution for a whole body approach?

2. Does the plan have scientific backing?

3. Does the diet plan encourage foods from all the food groups?

4. Does the diet plan allow you to include your favorite foods?

5. Does it include foods that you would enjoy eating for a lifetime and not just for a few weeks or months?

6. Does the diet plan include the nutrients you need?

7. Does it encourage physical fitness?

8. Do you feel good when you are on the plan?

If you can answer “yes” to all the questions, you should feel good that you’ve chosen the right program for you!


About the Author: Lisa Meisels is a Nutritionist and a food and cooking enthusiast. In addition, she is passionate about helping to improve the health of others. You can find more creative tips and helpful information on health and nutrition on her website: link
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