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News for 2014
News - Category 'Technology And Wellness'
Fitness: Exercise Apps For Your Smartphone
23 May   by Lisa

This is a great article that discusses different applications, who uses them, what they do and how they work.  Choose from the 4 that are summarized to see what would work best for you! 
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A Personal Weight Loss Coach For You
16 May   by Lisa

With summer fast approaching, many of us are looking in the mirror and wondering what we can do to look our best...soon!  There are many ways to improve your health, your diet, your activity plan and your weight.  You can browse through the many articles on this site in different news categories and look at the connecting links below those articles.  You can also look under the "About" tab and click on "links" to find helpful resources. 
But here is another way, the Super Diet Genius.  A type of personal coach, tech-style.  This app will tell you what foods you need to be eating to get into shape and it even takes your food preferences into account! 
Let us know what you think!  Post a comment.
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New App and Online Service Helps You Save Grocery Money
09 Mar   by Lisa

This new mobile app and online service can help you save money and help plan your meals!  If you sign up with the link below, they will give you a free lifetime membership.  What can you lose??
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