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Sunday 04 March 2012
Discover How to Make 3 Safe, All Natural Products You Use Daily In Your Personal Care
04 Mar   by Lisa

If you’re like me and would rather make a personal product that you use on a daily basis than buy it, you will love these ideas! 
If you’d rather purchase something at the store, I encourage
you to think about what ingredients you are putting on or into your body and
what affect these can have on you.  
Some of the ingredients used in our every day products contain chemicals which are
known to cause cancer! 
According to a recent health report from the UK (1)…
“Toxic cancer causing (carcinogenic)
chemicals in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the personal care
toiletries we use on our hair, skin and in our mouths may be contributing to
the spiraling rate of cancer and metabolic disease whilst speeding up the aging
Try these simple recipes to make your own deodorant,
mouthwash and bath salts in less than 1 hour
You will need the following ingredients:Alcohol, witch hazel, tea tree oil, lavender oil, aloe vera
gel, water, a funnel and a small spray bottle (4 oz).Place 1 Tbsp alcohol (I use vodka), 20 drops each of tea
tree and lavender oil and 2 Tbsp aloe gel into the spray bottle using a
funnel.  Fill the remaining space in the
bottle with witch hazel and then with water (leave some room at the top).  Shake and use!  Simple Simon!
You will need the following ingredients:Alcohol, baking soda, essential oils (such as peppermint,
clove, spearmint, cinnamon, tea tree oils), water, a funnel and a bottle (I use
an empty wine bottle but any 3-4 cup capacity bottle will do).Place ½ cup of baking soda into your bottle using a
funnel.  Add 1 cup of alcohol, 20 or so
(to taste) drops of your favorite combination of essential oils (warning; if you use cinnamon or clove use a
smaller amount of drops in comparison to other oils)
, and fill the bottle
up with water leaving at least 1” space at the top.  Shake well! 
Swish but don’t swallow.
Bath Salts   
(I am giving up all my secrets but I know you’ll thoroughly enjoy this!)
You will need the following ingredients:Kosher salt, essential oils, a funnel, a pretty bottle or jar with a mouth wider than 1” and a lid and chopsticks (optional: dried flowers or herbs crushed).Fill up your bottle or jar with salt leaving at least 1” at the top (If you are using the optional ingredients you will want to mix up the salt and herbs and or flowers into a bowl and then using a funnel, fill up your bottle).  Place 15-20 drops of your favorite  essential oils or combinations.  Mix with a chopstick. Place lid on the jar to keep the smells in.  When using, add approx 2 oz of the salts to your warm bath water.  Sit back and enjoy your aromatherapy experience!
About the Author:  Lisa Meisels is a Registered Dietitian and a holistic health enthusiast.  She is passionate about helping to improve the health of others.  You can find more creative tips and helpful information on health and nutrition on her website:
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