News Item: Who Really Needs A Gluten Free Diet?
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Posted by Lisa
Friday 09 March 2012

Gluten free this and gluten free that.  Gluten free products are everywhere!  The consumers demanded and the manufacturers provided.  We see gluten free on labels (of products like potato chips which never HAD gluten in them in the first place!).  We see gluten free packaged products on store shelves.  We are a country preoccupied with gluten! 
But wait, there are still some people who HAVE to follow a gluten free diet for medical needs.  People diagnosed with Celiac, an auto-immune disease must follow a very strict diet or risk their health and longevity.  And there are also people who have a diagnosis of gluten sensitivity.  These people are relieved of intestinal and abdominal concerns when they avoid gluten.  But are there too many people avoiding wheat products without being diagnosed?  And what studies need to be done? 
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