News Item: Diet-related Disease Risk Factors Can Be Explained By Epigenetics
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Posted by Lisa
Wednesday 21 March 2012

Until recently, it was thought that our genes, our inherited traits were the only factor that influenced our outcomes.  If we had heart disease in our family history, we were destined to have heart disease.  However there is a fairly new and exciting field called epigenetics which shows us there is actually something we can do ourselves to influence our outcomes.  Epigenetics studies how our environment and the choices we make in life influence our genetic code.
In a recent study printed in the Journal of Nutrient Nutrigenomics, different mechanisms were reviewed showing that what we eat certainly does influence our disease outcome.  This study focuses on how different diet modifications and nutrients may affect our risk factors for atherosclerosis.  The study recommends that epigenetic information be used to in addition to genetic information when looking at disease pathways and risk factors.

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